For custom builders, displaying your vehicle at the SEMA Show represents a milestone. It can be the catalyst that solidifies your place in an elite group of custom automotive royalty. And who wears the crown? The winner of SEMA's annual Battle of the Builders competition. The challenge for young builders, however, is that it’s almost impossible to get their vehicle on display at the SEMA Show. Spaces are limited to only those vehicles that are invited by exhibiting manufacturers.

To support the next generation of builders, SEMA created the SEMA Young Guns Regional Series. Now in its third year, the program provides opportunities for young builders to get their time in the spotlight. The Young Guns Regionals is a feeder series that helps build out the field of competitors in the Young Guns Division of Battle of the Builders. The 2020 series will feature 13 regional events across the United States. Young builders can apply for a chance to be featured in one of these 13 Young Guns corrals with the hopes of winning a Golden Ticket to the SEMA Show.

Golden Ticket winners will receive a spot to showcase their vehicle at the 2020 SEMA Show, professional transport of their vehicle to and from Las Vegas from anywhere in the United States, round trip airfare for them and a guest and hotel accommodations for the entire week of the 2020 SEMA Show...and the best part? Automatic entry into Battle of the Builders. Winners are selected through a rigorous process that determines how much custom work the builder actually completed. This vetting process is executed with the help of some of the greatest professional builders in the United States. Attending the SEMA Show on this level opens new doors and opportunities to jump start a young builders' career in the automotive aftermarket.